So, in an attempt to keep myself busy and make the time go by faster while Stu is deployed, I took on some big DIY projects. The biggest one has been this kitchen table and chair set, which I picked up at Goodwill. I liked it because it had all it’s chairs, was in decent shape and had those two extenders on the ends that pull out. It was covered in a lot of poly and this horrible golden yellow stain, which took countless hours sanding and stripping to get off. I’m not sure how long I’ve been working on this, maybe 4 months? Anyway, I’ve stained the chair backs and table top darker, painted the legs teal, and reupholstered the horrible vinyl seats. That last picture is of the table top, as of today, with it’s first coat of polyurethane drying on it. I’ve learned a lot, but it’s taken FOREVER, mostly because I’ve had to wait until nap time to work on it.
I also redid a 90s dresser for Atticus to match his nautical themed bedroom. That took longer than expected too, because that’s life…

Thing still left to do:

  • Spray table legs with more poly, put final coat on top.
    • Finish stripping the two end tables, sand, stain the tops and paint the legs.
    • Finish peeling the paint off the book shelf (real, heavy, solid wood, scored for $18 at Goodwiil) and coat with Danish oil.
    • Repaint top of Atticus’s dresser and spray with poly.
    • Screw seats back into kitchen chairs. Hopefully I can find what I did with the screws…